Welcome to the Italian Turkish Discussion Blog! Benvenuti! Hoşgeldiniz!

How the Blog was born:

Following the 8th edition of the Ita-Turk Dialogue Forum held in Istanbul in November 2011, the Ita-Turk Blog has been developed in order to grant a continuous and open space of discussion and interaction between members of the annual Bilateral Forum: http://www.itaturk-forum.eu

The Blog came to life thanks to the Ita-Turk Forum’s organizers, UniCredit, Isiamed’s Turkish Italian Friendship and Cooperation Association and Vessel (Internationalization and Venture Capital Agency).

This online platform – aimed at sustaining the active role of the Italian and Turkish civil societies and keeping alive those debates – came to life in the framework of the annual appointments of the Ita-Turk Forum and will feature regular discussions on main political, economic and cultural events; especially on new potential projects to be launched.

This technology will allow representatives of both the Italian and Turkish societies to internally share those themes that are worthy of discussion and then decide which of them might be the object of precise research and developments. Furthermore the discussions of the internal community within the blog will allow the Ita-Turk Forum organizers to select those topics which cause major interests and hence develop them in perspective of the next meetings of the dialogue forum.

Members are invited to post their comments and thoughts in the most appropriate page and category of discussion which you will find on the top of this page ( over the picture). These are:

PROJECT AREA: for proposing projects, partnerships, initiatives, collaborations etc.

EVENTS AND CONFERENCES: to share news about events, seminars and conferences linked to Turkish Italian Relations

CULTURE AND HISTORY: dedicated to cultural and history related topics

ECONOMIC COOPERATION: dedicated to economic cooperation, trade and commerce

POLITICAL DIALOGUE: dedicated to the Italian-Turkish political dimension

Please feel free to contact us per email to propose improvements and collaborations:



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